How do I Improve My Website with SEO

How do I Improve My Website with SEO?

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Have you thought, how do I improve my website but not sure where to start? After you’ve created your website, you’ll need to configure your website’s SEO to make your website searchable and reach your target audiences. From keyword research tools to scoping out the competition. Read on to learn how to improve your website’s SEO… Full article with thanks to: Whether you’re trying to improve your online discoverability through search engines or you want to improve your organic social campaign reach, there are a number of SEO tips you can use to improve your campaigns. Need your latest crime thriller to rank top for crime books in Google’s search results? Want to understand why your competitors are ranked more highly than you on search engines and how you can change this? Launching a new online education course and need to ensure you’re reaching both teachers and students? Read …

Wow with your Website

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In this day and age, no business can afford NOT to have a website – but if you’re spending a lot of time, energy and money getting people to your site then once they’re there you need to know that, that effort hasn’t been wasted. Thankfully, these days it doesn’t cost the earth to get a good website done and in fact if you’re relatively computer savvy and you don’t need a website that is too complicated then potentially you could even develop one yourself! There are four elements that are critical for a successful website: Design & Development, Copy, Usability and Readability. I once read that a website should be like the 100m sprint – rather than a cross country.  Both are races but the sprint has a straight run from start to finish with nothing in the way until the runner has crossed the finish line.  The cross …