Frequently Asked Questions

I'm sure you've got lots of questions for small business support that I offer, and I've tried to answer as many as possible. From how I run my small business marketing to what you can expect from all the services I offer my clients.

Please feel free to get in touch if I can help you in any way or you have questions that aren't answered below.

Q. What is a business consultant / business mentor?

A. A good business consultant (sometimes called a business mentor) should be whatever the business - and it's owner - need it to be.  In short, a business consultant helps a business to get started properly, or helps to identify where a business could be improved in order for it to make more money or get out of trouble.

I am approached by clients for lots of different reasons.  Sometimes it's because they're just starting a business and they don't know what they need to do to get it started.  Sometimes they know exactly what they need to do but just don't have the confidence to do it and need some support.  I am contacted by people whose businesses have got into difficulty or aren't performing as the client needs them to.  Every one of my clients - and their business - is unique so I always tailor my support to suit them and their needs.  And even then, what they need from me tends to change and shift while we continue working together and so I adapt accordingly. 

Q. How do I market my business?

A. That's a very big question - and one that's really hard to answer without knowing you and your business.  The fact is that there are lots of different types of marketing...a website, cold calling, advertising, leaflets, Google ads, social media....etc etc. There's tons of advertising platforms that small businesses can benefit from.  But not every type of marketing will work for every business.  Small business marketing works differently. For more advice on marketing your business, take a look here. Or, give me a call and see what marketing is best for your business.

Q. How do I start a small business?

A. Planning, planning and more planning is the answer.  Business planning, financial planning and marketing planning are all critical no matter the size of the business.    There is much more to it than that of course.  For a more consise answer, take a look here.  

Q. My website isn't working for me.  Can you help?

A. Absolutely, I need to have a good look at it and have a chat with you about what you've done so far to market your business and the website.  Give me a  call and I'll see what's what.

Q. Can you help with social media?

A. Of course.  Social media can be a bit of a minefield can't it. In this era, businesses, of any kind, need at least one active social media account to complete their social media marketing vision. Before I can really help you, I need to understand you and your business a little better.  Give me a call so we can have a chat about where you've got to so far with social media and we'll go through your goals for your business. That way, I can learn how social media could potentially help you achieve your business goals.

Q.  Can you help people with learning disabilities?

A. Absolutely.  I'll adapt my service to suit whatever needs you have.  Don't hesitate to give me a call to talk it through.

Q. What sort of companies, size of companies do you help?

A. My main focus is small to medium sized businesses and I work with companies from any industry.  So whether you're on your own and just starting up, or have an SME that you want to take further, feel free to get in touch. My small business support packages are designed for SMEs and I customise these to meet the needs of your specific business. Makes sense?

Q. I need a company logo, can you help?

A. In addition to being a business consultant, I'm also a graphic designer so if you need a logo I certainly can help.

Q. I'm on the verge of giving up with my business, what shall I do?

A. For the right now, nothing.  I can't promise that I'll be able to turn it all around for you but I can promise that by the time we've finished talking, you'll know what the right decision is.  Take a look at my Overcoming Problems page.

Q. Where are you based?

A. I'm based in Ramsey in Cambridgeshire but I work with business owners across the UK and even abroad!  If you are based in Peterborough, Huntingdon, Ramsey, March, Wisbech, Whittlesey, Ely, Cambridge or in fact anywhere in Cambridgeshire or some parts of Northamptonshire and Linconshire - I'd be happy to meet you face to face.  For clients located outside of those areas, we can communicate over the phone and online video conferencing.