About Me

My name is Cressida Johns and I am a business coach, business consultant, marketing consultant, entrepreneur, ‘Mumpreneur’ and graphic designer! I provided small business support for over 15 years to different types of businesses. I have also helped young entrepreneurs, side hustlers and business mums start and grow their business.

I had always wanted to have my own business, be self-employed, but brushed the thought to one side - too scared to take the risk.  My job, as a head-hunter, was very demanding, long hours, not much time for myself  - and it always grated that I was making so much money to line someone else's pockets - but it was very good money and I had financial security.  Did I want to chance losing all that?

In 2005, I had my first child and I realised that if I didn't take the leap, my child would be brought up by nursery staff.  I'd miss it all.  And so, after a very good career in sales, I pulled up my 'big girl pants' quit my job and launched my first company – a publishing business producing magazines for new parents.

Scariest thing I've ever done!  

There was so much to learn, so much uncertainty.  Our first magazine went down a storm!  The business gained traction and grew very quickly.  In 2007 I expanded the business to include large exhibitions for parents - and had another baby!

Juggling a young family and running that business was an incredible challenge but so much fun too.  Finally, I was in control of my life - doing what I wanted to every day.  I had time to enjoy my new family and give them the best possible start in life. I was making good money, working hard and loved being able to tell people what I do.  And I didn't miss a SINGLE thing while my kids were young - I was there for all of it.  Every first step, first day at school, sick day, assembly, sports day - all of it.

I sold that first company in 2010.  Since then I’ve successfully launched and sold several other companies.

Over the years, I found myself working along side and advising many other small business owners with their businesses. I found huge satisfaction in helping others to achieve the sort of lifestyle I have.  In 2014, I launched Sandcress to enable me to dedicate my time to do just that and become a business coach for small businesses.

Through Sandcress, I help people of all abilities to start, grow, manage or market their small business.  As a business coach, I am extremely committed to my clients and my support is delivered with a very personal, consultative approach. I help them realise their dreams,  build their confidence, overcome problems, regain their work/life balance and am there to support them in whatever way they need, professionally and emotionally, throughout the small business support process.  

I want every single one of my clients to enjoy what I've worked so hard for - a way of life that means I have it all - a job I LOVE, fantastic income and buckets of time for my family - and myself!

I am often available on my online chat facility (look for the chat symbol on the bottom right of your screen) - if you have a quick question at any time feel free to ask away.  You can also message me on Whatsapp on 07502 251079.

Since starting Sandcress, I’ve been privileged to work with some amazing entrepreneurs. To get a better idea of what I do, take a look at my most recent Case Studies.  You can also get some feedback from some of my clients either on my testimonial page or on Facebook.

I hope to have the opportunity to work with you and to help you achieve absolutely everything you want from life with my small business support.

Until then, I wish you well.

Cressida Johns, Owner of Sandcress