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Whether you have questions about starting a business or you've already got a business but need help with something in particular - one of my free business help consultations could be all you need - maximum 1 per business.

Your consultation will last between 30 & 60 minutes.  It can be over the phone, Video Meeting or WhatsApp.  To request a consult, simply choose a convenient date and time below - or if none of those times suit you feel free to get in touch on Whatsapp on 07502 251079 or email me at and I'll try and find a time that would suit you better.   You'll receive an email to confirm our meeting and a reminder an hour beforehand.

Please take a moment to tell me a little bit about your business or the advice you're looking for in the comments/questions box below so I can give you the best possible advice when we speak.



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What happens during the consult?

Consults generally take around 45 minutes.  You'll tell me about your business, where you've got to so far and any problems you've been having.  We'll go through a bit of history and background.  I'll jump in occassionally with the odd question.  If you have one, I'll take a quick look at your Facebook page and website and give you some feedback and tips on those.  I'll then offer you some advice of what you can be doing from here to get your business where you want it to go.

As I mentioned above, I'll then follow up our meeting with a summary report which will include any advice I've given plus some additional tips and an action plan of what you could be doing to move things forward.  

You can book a time below for your consult below.  I provide as many slots as I can each week, but as the consults are free I do limit the number I offer.   This initial chat can be via a Zoom video call, phone call or WhatsApp call or Video.

Why are the Consultations Free?  What's the catch?

There is no catch.  I often get asked why I offer my time for free.  Partly it's because I like helping people, but it's also my opportunity to get to know you and your business.  Every person and every business is unique.  Some people just need some general advice, which I can give them within the consult, others need more help than that. 

I don't use these consults as a way of selling my services.  I follow the consultation up with a meeting report which is sent to you by email, it contains a summary of our meeting as well as a list of action points and additional advice. 

I end the report with a short proposal of how I could potentially help you.  There is never any obligation to use my services and you won't be hounded by phone calls or emails - I generally have a waiting list of clients so there simply isn't time for that nonsense.   You are of course always welcome to come back to me at any point after the consult (although I do have to limit the free consults to one per business).

If you'd like to hear what some of my clients have to say about me, take a look at my testimonial page or Facebook page.  You can also get a more in-depth look at how I work with clients by taking a look at my recent projects on my Case Studies page.