Websites for Small Businesses

Have you ever been to Ikea?  You walk into the absolutely huge store, there's no real directions yet somehow you end up making your way around the whole store (stopping for meatballs in the middle) and end up at the checkout having spent two thousand pounds when you came in for a lampshade!  Happens to me every time.  And that's EXACTLY what you want your website to be like.

You want a site for your small business that will guide the user easily around without them even realising that it's happening and have them end up exactly where you want them to be.  This is what I deliver to all my clients.

I have the benefit of not only my experience as a website developer and a graphic designer but also a wealth of business and marketing experience - and for a website to really work for your business it's essential that you have your site developed by someone who really understands all 4.  As a small business consultant, my priority is always to ensure the success of a business as a whole - not just to deliver a good looking website - my aim however is to provide both.

A brochureware (information based) site will cost between £550 and £750 depending on the size of the site you need.

An e-commerce site (online sales) or a site that has more functionality such as a booking system will cost between £650 and £1200 depending on the complexity.

Business level website hosting around £15 per month including virus protection, backups, updates to your website software  and full support.  (What is hosting? think of your website like your house, your house needs a street to live on and you have to pay a rent to have your house on that street - the hosting is the rent).

Included in your website build.... 

  • Step by step client involvement
  • Site designed and developed by a marketing expert
  • Logo design (if required)
  • Domain name (if required)
  • Wordpress site with flexibility to further develop or change later on
  • Commercially licenced photos and vector images
  • Clever, user friendly designs
  • Fully researched keywords and SEO implemented
  • E-commerce functionality (if required)
  • Email set up (if required)
  • Handover and coaching session
  • Support for 12 months

For more information on our website services, or a no obligation quote or chat please get in touch.