How Do I Build A Website For My Business

How Do I Build A Website For My Business?

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Full article with thanks to: According to a recent survey, 81 per cent of consumers now look online before making a purchase. It’s a simple equation: if you don’t have a business website, you’re losing custom. But building a business website can be a daunting prospect – and a potentially expensive one. If you want to get a professional to build your business website for you, the costs can quickly spiral. How I can help you build a business website However, thanks to new innovations over the last few years, it’s now perfectly possible to take a DIY approach to build a business website, and end up with professional-quality results. Read more in our step-by-step guide. 1. Choose your domain Your domain is the address at which internet users will be able to find your site – for example, Your first step is to choose your domain. In most cases, …

Small Business Advice Updating Your Business Website

Small Business Advice: Updating Your Business Website

Cressida Johns Business Advice

One of the top small business advice. What I constantly share with my clients is that regularly updating their business website is the best way forward. The heart and soul of a small business should be its website – it’s the ‘place’ that any potential customer can reach without any restriction. Full article with thanks to: A new study has found that shoppers spend 54% less with small businesses that have not updated their websites compared to those that have. The research, conducted by Censuswide for Yell, polled business owners and consumers for their views on the importance of websites. In addition, Yell analysed more than one million SME websites. The results show that many businesses are neglecting to update their websites, with the average site last updated 15 months ago. The data suggests that this could have a direct impact on revenue from online sales, with the study finding that consumers spend …