Is The Middle of a Pandemic the time to Start a Business?

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By Cressida Johns of Sandcress Small Business Consultancy

Millions of people have had to adjust to a ‘new normal’ throughout this pandemic. Covid has
caused unmeasurable loss – but there have been positives too. With so many people now working
from home parents have been able to eat with their children every day, play with them, put them to
bed. With less travel families have had more time together, have felt more connected than ever

As a result, I’m getting daily calls from people who have had a taste of this new life and don’t want to
go back. They want to start their own business. And one of the questions I frequently am asked is
‘But is NOW, the right time to start a business?’

The simple answer is absolutely!

This pandemic is NOT going to last forever and as it takes between 3 to 12 months to do the work needed to get a business off the ground – there is a good chance that by the time your business is ready to launch we will be mostly out of the woods. And actually, this new way of life has opened up lots of new opportunities too – online businesses have taken off in a big way for example.

So, if you’ve had a taste of this ‘new normal’ and are thinking that you don’t want to go back. Or
perhaps you’ve always dreamt of starting your own business…now’s a great time to make a start.

I offer free consultations, so whether you just want to sound out an idea, want to know how to
finance your business concept, have questions about marketing, need help with an existing business
or anything else at all….

Feel free to book your free consultation by going to or you can send me a Whatsapp at 07502 251079.