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Should I start a business during the Coronavirus Crisis?

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As strange as it may sound, actually this could be a really good time to think about starting a business!!

Yes, it’s scary out there at the moment.  But the world is currently on pause, a bit like December when everyone is waiting until the New Year to make any new plans.  And a bit like that, once the dust settles after this crisis there will be a sudden – and very large influx of people immediately making plans and carrying on with their lives.

That makes this, actually, an ideal time to plan a business.  You have a few of months to get everything in place ready to press the button as soon as everything settles down.  You probably find yourself with more time on your hands than usual.  It’s also really healthy to have a project to work on.

You may be thinking that you have no idea what sort of business you could or should start.  You may already have an idea for a business and have put it on hold because of the virus.  Maybe you have an idea but you simply don’t know how to get started.

There are lots of articles and features on my blog that could help you to get started.  Or if you’d prefer, you’re welcome to book an appointment with me for a free consultation and I’d be happy to help you get going.