Zesty Lettings Case Study

Company name:  Zesty Lettings

Client name: Zoe Barrett

Location: Hertfordshire

First contact: January 2021

Business Launch: (aiming for January 2022)

Business Summary: Letting Agency

Design Work: Logo, business cards, social media adverts, social media set up

Company website:  coming soon

Zesty Lettings

Introducing the client: Zoe was recommended to me by her Aunt - who I had also helped to expand her decorating business.  A decorator herself, Zoe had owned her own rental property for some time.  Also, her good friend was a letting agent and often spoke to Zoe about her job.  This developed a long time desire to start her own letting agency.  

The journey:  Zoe already had a fairly good understanding of the letting industry from having had her own property.  But she was understandably nervous about starting something completely new.  By breaking the process of starting a business down into simple steps and coaching her through them each week, she was able to complete the necessary research and work required to get her business ready to launch.  As I write this, the finishing touches are being completed on her website and we are aiming to launch by the start of November.  The marketing strategy is complete and ready to go, as is her social media.

The launch: launching soon!

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Zesty Lettings