The Underwood Baby Academy Case Study


Company name:  The Underwood Baby Academy

Client name: Sally Underwood

Location: Staines

First contact: June 2019

Package Selected: 6 month business startup package

Business Launch:  December 2019

Business Summary: A membership package for pregnant Mums and those with a new baby with an all inclusive selection of ante and postnatal classes, social events and support.

Company website:

Introducing the client: Sally had been a midwife for most of her career and was still working in a hospital.  She was nearing retirement age and was very keen to continue to help and support young families.  She originally came to me with the idea of providing antenatal classes locally.  

The journey: During her detailed consultation we expanded on the original idea that she came to me to help her with.  We expanded and developed the idea into what it is now...a fantastic membership of fun and support for pregnant and new Mums.  It took several meetings and a fair bit of research to completely formulate the idea that was to become 'the Underwood Baby Academy'.  Before a firm decision was made I put together a profit and loss forecast to ensure that the potential profit that could be made from the business was sufficent for what Sally wanted.  With that done I drafted the business plan to get the business concept down in writing - along with the neccessary action plan and goal setting.

Sally and Laura (her daughter) concentrated on securing venues and teachers for the classes whilst I got busy designing logos, marketing collateral and developing their website.

With everything in place we were ready to get started.  

Design work: We designed the UBA Logo, Business Cards, Roller Banner, Leaflets and designed and developed their website.  Also designed their 40 page membership booklet.

The launch: The website went live at the start of December which provided some fantastic initial responses.  They had a launch open evening at the end of January 2020 where they signed up their first member.   With the business set up, the marketing strategy well underway and their classes starting Laura and Sally are well on their way to an incredible business.

Client Feedback

I want you to know that you have been amazing and have really been responsible for the whole birth of uba. I would definitely not be starting off as i am without your support/ideas.  Sally Underwood.