The Barking Lounge Case Study


Company name:  The Barking Lounge

Client name: Laura Crampton

Location: Ramsey, Cambridgeshire

First contact: February 2020

Business Launch: July 2020

Business Summary: Dog Groomer

Design Work: Logo, Leaflets, Wall signage, Business cards, Social media adverts, Printed clothing

Company Website: Under development

Introducing the client: I originally met Laura as I took my dog Barkley to her to be groomed.  She was doing the odd dog groom here and there but was mostly doing dog walking around her 2 young children.  While chatting during the groom I probed her a little on her business.  It became clear that there was potential for her to earn significantly more in dog grooming that she was in dog walking and that it would fit around her family life better.  I tentatively suggested this to her and she was keen to learn more. 

The Journey:  She engaged me in the 6 month business restart package that I offer and we met to discuss the options for taking her business forward.  She was very surprised to see the outcome of the profit and loss I put together for her.  She hadn't realised how little profit she was actually making from her dog walking...or how much she could make from grooming.  We explored the business options ever further and I put together a business plan for her so she could see what she would need to do from there.  

She wanted to offer the grooming service from her home to ensure it would work well around her children so she started the process of having her garage converted into a grooming salon.  While that was going on I overhauled her social media and got to work on the design work and marketing collateral she'd need as well as her marketing strategy.

With her social media ready, logo designed, leaflets and business cards designed and received and grooming parlour complete, Laura was ready to launch 'The Barking Lounge'. 

The launch: Laura launched during the summer of 2020 as soon as the lockdown from Covid 19 had begun to be relaxed and was immediately flooded with clients.  The pace of work coming in has continued steadily over the last few months.  Laura and I are now going to be reviewing her marketing strategy to ensure everything is being done to ensure that steady flow continues.

Updated September 2020

Client Feedback

"Cressida helped me take my business idea I had started and helped me transform it into a more profitable and professional set up. She is Always at the end of the phone and doesn't mind the silly questions even after 6 months. Can't thank her enough I'm now working from home and around my children."  Laura Crampton, The Barking Lounge