Tamu Tamu Case Study


Company name:  Tamu Tamu

Client name: Tinah Aubrey

Location: Peterborough

First contact: March 2021

Business Launch: September 2021

Business Summary: Food delivery service .

Design Work: Logo, leaflets, social media adverts, social media set up, website

Company website: www.tamutamudelivery.com  (website designed by Sandcress)

Introducing the client: Tinah contacted me as she wanted to start a business that offers delicious, home made chilled or frozen meals delivered to homes around the Peterborough area.

The journey: Tinah had already tentatively made a start to this business when she contacted me.  She hadn't got a website and had tentatively done a little marketing, but hadn't been getting results that she was happy with.  We worked through her ambitions for the business, and her life goals to develop a strategy for building the company up to what she'd like it to be.  I developed a website for her that would enable her customers to place orders online.  I set up her social media for her and worked with her to teach her how to manage it herself going forwards.  We created a marketing strategy that would focus on reaching local people.

Design Work:  I designed Tinah's Logo for her, Leaflets, social media adverts and designed and developed her website.  

The launch: Once her website was ready, and her full menu developed, we launched her company.  Even with a limited marketing budget, we were delighted to see orders starting to come in straight away.   I am continuing to support Tinah with her marketing and growth of her business.

Client Feedback

Awaiting testimonial from client - feel free to contact her directly.