The Sweetheart Party Company Case Study


Company name:  The Sweetheart Party Company

Client name: Tracy Cleaver

Location: Peterborough

First contact: March 2019

Support Package: New Business Launch Package

Business Launch: September 2019

Business Summary: Event catering with a twist.  Themed tea parties for weddings, birthday parties, afternoons with friends and corporate or charity events.

Design Work: Business cards, logo, leaflets, packaging stickers, social media set up, social media adverts, website

Company website: (designed and developed by Sandcress)

Introducing the client: Tracy contacted me as she had been working towards launching her business for a couple of years but had struggled to progress it successfully.  She'd had a number of difficult personal challenges that had come along the way but in addition she was finding that she was constantly being distracted by good ideas but struggling to bring any one of them to fruition.   She needed help to really break down what needed to be done and to keep her moving forward.

The journey: Tracy and I had several initial meetings to work through her numerous business ideas.  We dug into the financials and I put all the facts and figures into profit and loss forecasts so we could see what the potential profit for each of the ideas would be.  We actually ended up with two totally different businesses that Tracy wanted to move forward with.  Knowing it would be incredibly difficult to launch both business at the same time I encouraged Tracy to choose which business she wanted to start with - and we commenced work on building The Sweetheart Party Company.  

It was a bit of a rollercoast ride for Tracy with several more personal challenges along the way but she was an absolute star throughout - one of the strongest women I've ever met.  We worked steadily through the business planning stage and brand development including design of her logo and marketing collateral.  Tracy commissioned me to do her website and with that done we started focussing on putting together a robust marketing strategy.  Her target audience was very broad so it was critical to put together a strategy that would reach everyone.  At the same time as building the website I designed her logo, business cards, leaflets and packaging stickers.

The launch: We launched The Sweetheart Party Company in September 2019 and things took off immediately.  There is huge interest in her services and Tracy is doing brilliantly.  It's going to be very challenging for Tracy to continue to maintain her ongoing marketing strategy in the face of her success but in order to continue that success it is critical to do so - and I'll be here to help her with that and to support her as her business continues to grow.  We've also now started work on her second business - Happiness4You!  Watch this space!

Progress Update: Tracy has done fantastically and The Sweetheart Party Company is still going strong.  Tracy has actually taken on a local Tea Shop called 'The Copper Kettle' - the time of this was somewhat unfortunate as she took ownership of it just as the Covid lockdown happened.   Not to be beaten, we came up with a strategy to combine the two and The Sweetheart Party Company offered takeaway afternoon tea's throughout the summer of 2020 with enormous demand.  This was a fantastic way to get both the name of The Copper Kettle but Sweetheart out there too.  The Copper Kettle is now doing brilliantly as well and has integrated brilliantly with her other businesses.  September 2020.

Client Feedback

"Cressida has been an absolute rock to me in supporting me throughout the initial ideas right through to launching my business. She's motivated me when I've been doubtful about things whilst keeping me on the straight and narrow. I totally recommend her services for anyone who is thinking of setting up in business or wanting to rebrand." Tracy Cleaver