SSC Solutions Ltd


Company name:  SSC Solutions Ltd

Client name: Sally Cregeen

Location: Guildford, Surrey

First contact: October 2019

Business Launch: May 2020

Business Summary: Mental health coaching for individuals and employees within corporate businesses.

Design Work Done: Business cards, website, logo, social media adverts

Company website:  (designed by Sandcress)

Introducing the client: Sally got in touch later on in 2019.  She'd had a long career working within mental health for the NHS and had become disillusioned with the working environment she was in.  She was keen to access the flexibility available in working for herself but like many of us was somewhat nervous about taking the leap.  Facing the option of voluntary redundancy she was looking for support in taking the next step and help to get her business started.  She needed help with all elements of starting her business including the design of her marketing collateral and website as well as general support in how to start her business.

The journey: Sally is highly experienced in her field but struggled with the confidence to tackle the commercial market.  We started off by exploring all the options that she could potentially take the business down and how the different elements of the business would need to be developed.  Marketing was going to be a major factor in getting her name out there and getting clients.  Marketing couldn't get underway until her website was live so I got on with the designing and development of her site and getting all her marketing collateral designed.

Whilst I did that I had Sally starting to research her potential client list and started teaching her about social media - in particular how to strategically network via LinkedIn.  I got all her social media set up on her behalf.

With her website live we were ready to launch.

The launch: Unfortunately as we were about to start marketing Sally's business the UK went into a lockdown from Covid 19.  As Sally then had to homeschool her 2 children she decided that she'd prefer to put things on hold for a short while.  With the lockdown now having been released a little Sally has been ready to push forward and she is now beginning to contact clients - initial response has been very positive and she has already had engagement with a local council.

Updated September 2020

Client Feedback

Coming soon - feel free to contact Sally directly for feedback