Silk Occasions


Company name:  Silk Occasions

Client name: Teresa Coplestone

Location: Ramsey, Cambridgeshire

First contact: June 2019

Business Launch: August 2020

Business Summary: Silk Flower Florist

Design Work Provided: Logo, Business cards, Packaging stickers, Leaflets, Roller Banner, Website, Social media adverts, Adverts for local publications

Company website: (designed and developed by Sandcress)

Introducing the client: I had known Teresa for a little while having lived in the same village as her.  She originally approached me for the design of some new leaflets.  While discussing those it came out that she very much would like to expand the business she had into other areas and generally grow it but wasn't sure how to go about that.  I agreed to help her and we began working together.  

The journey: Once I'd got her leaflets designed we began working on the business.  I did a comprehensive review of the business so far.  I looked into her current quoting system and established an improved way for her to calculate her costs to ensure that she wasn't underquoting her clients.  We also came up with ideas for how the business could be developed.  When we began working together Teresa was focussing almost entirely on weddings.  She wanted to expand that element of her business but we also established other avenues for her to pursue including offering a silk flower delivery service which would include arrangements for the home that could be purchased as gifts or for the customer themselves.  We further identified other avenues that could be beneficial such as events in general such as parties, corporate events etc and also funerals. 

I put together a business plan that would give Teresa a clear pathway of tasks she'd need to do to make all these plans fall into place.  I designed and developed a new website for her, designed a new logo and designed and had printed the leaflets that she'd originally requested.  I then reviewed her social media and taught her how she should use it to market her business.

A full marketing strategy was drawn up and I started the designs for other elements of marketing collateral that would be needed.

The launch: Once her website was completed, Teresa's business was ready to be launched and her website has recently been put live.  Over the coming weeks and months I will continue to support her to ensure she is confidently carrying out her marketing strategy and will help her to review that strategy to ensure it's working for her business.  She already has numerous weddings booked for next year and I'm very much looking forward to seeing how the silk flower delivery element of the business takes off.

Updated September 2020

Client Feedback

Coming soon - feel free to contact Teresa directly for feedback.