6 Month Business Start-up Support Package – Deposit Payment


This package is ideal if you haven’t yet started your business, or if your business is less than 6 months old or hasn’t really got started yet.

If you have booked this package without a free consultation and decide during or after your detailed consultation you will be offered a full refund.

Paying in Installments

The total cost of this package is £675.00, today you will only be paying a deposit of £250.

The balance will be due over 2 monthly payments of £212.50 each – the first installment will become due 30 days after the deposit is received. Please read the terms and conditions below before going ahead with this package.

Once I have received your deposit payment I will be in touch to arrange your detailed consultation and to provide you with a working agreement.



Included in this package:

  • Detailed consultation to get to know you and your plans in more detail, and to discuss the various options on where we could take the business in the short and long term. We will establish a plan for what needs to be done and when. We’ll agree some immediate tasks to be getting on with.
  • I will put together your profit and loss document and we’ll look at all the options for the direction of the business to ensure the maximum amount of profit can be realised from the business.
  • I will help you to put a structure in place for your week to ensure you keep a work/life balance.
  • I will put together a thorough business strategy and action plan for the coming months and will then help you to carry it out.
  • If you decide you want to apply for finance or a grant I will help you through the process. I will redo the business plan to be suitable for submission for a finance application and help you with all applications and documents.
  • I will put together a marketing strategy for your business and teach you how to carry it out, review it and keep it going.
  • If you haven’t got a logo for your business, I’ll design one for you.
  • If you decide you want to advertise your business in a local publication or get any leaflets or posters printed I will design them for you as well as design any business cards or other marketing collateral you may need. (any printing costs will be in addition).
  • I’ll set up a Facebook page for your business – or do a full review/overhaul of the one you have. I will then teach you how to get the best out of using FB for your type of business and support you in using Facebook ongoingly. I will supply suitable photos and artwork from a stock photos website that I have a membership to.
  • I will help you to get set up on Instagram and will teach you how to get the best from it for your business.
  • If you decide you want to run a Facebook or Google Adwords campaign going forwards I will help you to set it up and run it in a way most appropriate for your business.
  • If you haven’t already got a website, I will help you work out what you need for your website and help you to communicate that to any designer you decide to use. If you have one then I’ll review it and advise on any recommended changes.
  • There are certain administrative processes that you need in place for any business including email, email signatures, potentially booking forms and contracts, invoice templates, terms and conditions etc. I will help you work out what you already have, what could be improved and what you need and support you in getting these in place.
  • I’ll help you to set up your accounts, banking and credit control processes if they’re not already in place. This will include invoice templates, accounts spreadsheets, potentially merchant banking and credit card facilities. I’ll help you figure out what you need or what could be improved upon and assist you to get it all set up. I’ll also teach you how to deal with credit control.

Most importantly I will be available to you via email, WhatsApp, video conferencing and phone to help with any issues that arise, to review documents, to discuss anything you need, to share good days (and bad!) and to answer any questions you have throughout the 6 month period. If you are local then we’ll also meet face to face at least once a month (more often if needed). I’ll help you keep on track…or get you back on track from an organisational & planning point of view. We’ll set up weekly progress reviews depending on what you need and speak on the phone whenever you need.

Terms and Conditions

  • Details of the agreed package are provided within this contract. Sandcress may offer additional services free of charge during the term of the agreed package but are under no obligation to do so. Should the client require any additional services from Sandcress that have not been included within the outlined package, a quote should be requested.
  • Agreement to this contract does not guarantee success of the business. Cressida Johns of Sandcress will provide guidance and support as outlined in the package details using extensive marketing, sales and commercial experience gained over more than 20 years in the industry.
  • For the benefit of the client, a payment schedule as detailed above has been offered. As an act of good faith, Cressida has agreed to commence work based on the payment schedule offered. The client agrees that by signing this contract, the full amount of £575 is due and will be paid in line with the payment schedule above. As the majority of the work invested by Sandcress to assist this client will take place in the first 4-6 weeks of the package, if any payment is late then the full remaining amount of the package will immediately become due regardless of work has been delivered. If you think you may be late in making a payment, please discuss this with us as soon as possible as we may be able to provide an extension to the payment term. If payment is late without prior notification, or a subsequent arrangement is not adhered to, any discount offered will be revoked and the full amount will become due.   Sandcress reserves the right to charge a 20% late payment fee and add on interest in line with current Bank of England rates.
  • Should you decide you no longer require the package, the full amount will still be due and no refunds will be offered.
  • Any design work included in the package will fall under our usual design policies. Full consultations will be undertaken with the client to assess their requirements. We will work on the design until the client is 100% happy. Once complete, the client will be sent their design in a format that they are welcome to use in the future. The design is then theirs to do as they wish. Should the client require any changes to the design in the future, these changes will be made at the discretion of Sandcress and a charge may be made. If the client requires their design to be printed, Sandcress will endeavour to source high quality print at the lowest possible cost for the client using their contacts and available discounts.
  • Any information provided by the client in respect to their business will be held under strictest confidence by Sandcress.
  • Your package includes a support element. After the commencement of your package we will arrange regular updates to support you and the growth of your business – these can be on a weekly or fortnightly basis depending on your needs. You are also welcome to contact Cressida Johns via phone, email or WhatsApp at any time to discuss any questions or concerns you have or to share your progress. To ensure that all Sandcress clients receive adequate support, the amount of contact by clients must be reasonable and made at reasonable hours. Although Sandcress may respond to enquiries outside of normal working hours, we are under no obligation to do so. If at any time Sandcress feels that a client is making unreasonable demands on their support agreement, we reserve the right to implement a more formal structure to support them and their business.
  • We reserve the right to add to or make changes to the terms of your agreement at any time during the duration of your package by emailing you with an update.

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