The Paws Pet Travel Company Case Study


Company name:  The Paws Pet Travel Company

Client name: Lynda Robertson

Location: Dover

First contact: September 2018

Support Package: 6 month business relaunch package

Business ReLaunch: January 2019

Business Summary: Lynda needed help to grow her existing business that provided transport services for pet owners between the UK and Europe.

Company website:

Introducing the client:  Lynda owns a pet taxi business.  She help's families with pets who need to transport their animal and/or themselves in and out of Europe due to holiday or relocation.  She had started her business a couple of years prior to contacting me but had found it very difficult to get a steady stream of work in.  She's been pursuaded by a number of 3rd party organisations to pay them to help her with advertising her business through Google Ad words and in creating a new website.  Unfortunately this had been an expensive waste of time.  She'd spent a lot of money with them with no real results to show from the Google Ad words advertising and a website that really wasn't benefitting her business.  Unfortunately this is a story I hear all too often.

The journey: Lynda took my 6 month business relaunch package.  The first job was to do a total evaluation on where the business was at currently and where she wanted it to get to.  I looked at all previous marketing efforts and financial history.  We then looked at where Lynda wanted to take the business going forwards.  I did a brand new business plan for her and profit and loss forecast.  We took a look at her branding and I designed a new logo that fitted better with the message she was trying to portray.  Lynda then commissioned me to completely redo her website. Paws Pet Travel is not only a national business, it's international too so marketing efforts were very much concentrated around Google Ad words (which will only work for your business if it's done correctly AND points to a good website) and social media.  

Design work: Started with the logo and then designed her business cards, leaflets and designed and developed her website.

The launch: We launched the new website and digital marketing campaign in January 2019.  Despite a very successful first few months things started to slow down thanks to all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.  Lynda had commissioned me to manage all her digital marketing and we reviewed and changed things constantly to ride the storm, then in the summer everything turned around.  All of a sudden the tide turned and worked started steadily flowing in through the website.  Things are now going so well that Lynda is considering taking on a driver herself and further expanding her company!

Client Feedback

"Cressida has been absolutely fantastic, her work is the best helping with my new website. My website has been going for just under a year and with all the Brexit saga my business is still growing. I had a website done by another company, all l did was pay them more and more money then l came across Cressida then my business has been growing ever since. All my customers say how nice my website is so Thankyou Cressida. If your looking for a very Good website and business support look no further Cressida is your women." Lynda Robertson, Owner, The Paws Pet Travel Company