Nationwide Training and Safety Services


Company name:  Nationwide Training and Safety Services Ltd (NTSS Ltd)

Client name: Ghislaine Smith

Location: Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

First contact: September 2005

Relationship: Marketing Management since 2005

Business Summary: Construction Plant Training

Company website:

Introducing the client: NTSS contacted me in 2015 for advice on how they could grow their business and increase the number of clientst that they have.  They had a website but it was a bit dated and didn't offer any availability to book their training courses online.  They hadn't been working with any sort of specific marketing strategy and had no real social media presence at the time.

The journey: Initially I did a full assessment of the business.  I put in place a new client database as their existing one was very old and not efficient.  I also immediately commenced work on their new website.  I put together a marketing strategy to include their new site, a robust social media campaign as well as direct approaches to local business.   I have continued to manage all their marketing for them since the beginning and the company is now on the 3rd version of their website (also designed and developed by me) and their revenue has over doubled.

Design Work: Over the years there has been endless pieces of design done for this client from business cards, their websites of course, company stationary and leaflets, posters etc.


Client Feedback

"We first contacted Sandcress in 2015 to ask them to quote for some printing. We were extremely pleased with their service and consequently looked into the other marketing services they offered. We haven’t looked back. Sandcress have been invaluable in supporting the growth of our business both by improving our marketing skills and helping us overcome various obstacles we’ve encountered along the way. We’re busier now than we’ve ever been."   Ghislaine Smith