Business Support Services | New Business Start-up Package

Business support services in this package are ideal for those yet to start a business, for businesses less than 6 months old or haven't fully started business activities yet.

I structure my business support packages to include the elements that are typically required from each and every business but each business – and each business owner is different. I tailor each package a little bit in my reports based on the initial consultation I have already had with you but please be aware that all packages are adapted as the weeks and months go by to suit whatever you need and are not at all limited to what is outlined below. There may be elements that you feel you don’t need help with at all and that’s fine too. The business support services I offer are personalised to your business needs.

If you decide to apply for finance at any point, I will help you with the process, if you need to recruit staff I’ll advise and be as involved in the process as you need me to be, if you need contracts written or updated I can help you with that too. For the duration of your package, I will be available to you as your mentor, your business consultant, confidant, marketing consultant, graphic designer and will be there to support you in any way and with anything that you need. If you're looking on how to increase sales, I can analysis your business and recommend the best course of action for your business activities.

  • Detailed consultation to get to know you better and your plans in more detail, and to discuss the various business options - we’ll also discuss where we could take those business ideas in the short and long term. I will guide you on what research you need to do, how to do it and where to look. We can explore what your ‘brand’ could be and make steps to work further on that. We will establish a plan for what needs to be done and when. We’ll agree some immediate tasks to be getting on with. We’ll also discuss how we’ll work together going forward – what you need from me and how you’d like me to support you.
  • We’ll work on profit and loss forecasts for your business ideas together and based on your research we’ll look at all the options for the direction of the business to ensure the maximum amount of profit can be realised from it. If you need one, we’ll get a final version of the P&L done ready for a finance application.
  • I'll handle all your graphic design needs (within reason) for the duration of your package - design of logo, leaflets, business cards, social media adverts, adverts for publications is all included within this package.
  • I will help you to put a structure in place for your week to ensure you keep a healthy work/life balance and help you get in place good planning practices so you don’t continue to feel overwhelmed.
  • How to increase sales? How to increase brand awareness? I will put together a business strategy and help you to come up with some unique business ideas and action plan for the coming months and will then help you to carry it out. We’ll get another version done that is suitable for a finance application.
  • I'll support you through any finance application you'd like to make.
  • I will put together a marketing strategy for your business and will help you to carry it out, review it and keep it going. This will include advising what type of marketing should be employed to reach different people via different methods. This will help to learn what business support services you need.
  • I’ll teach you everything I know about social media and how to use it specifically for your business. I’ll review any existing social media profiles if you have them and set them up for you if you don’t.
  • If you decide you want to run a Social Media campaign or Google Adwords going forwards I will help you to set it up and run it in a way most appropriate for your business.
  • I’ll ensure your business is set up in a way that will enable you to scale it in the future if you want to, including the option to diversify the business should you wish to.
  • I’ll help you to work out what you need for your website and help you to communicate that to a developer once you’ve found one (I am able to develop websites myself but you would be under no obligation at all to use my services for this).
  • I’ll help you with recruitment of any staff you may need – I actually used to be a recruitment consultant so that’s a skill that comes in handy.
  • There are certain administrative processes that you need in place for any business including email, email signatures, potentially booking forms and contracts, invoice templates, terms and conditions etc. I will help you work out what you already have, what could be improved and what you need and support you in getting these in place.
  • I’ll help you to set up your accounts, banking and credit control processes if they’re not already in place. This will include invoice templates, accounts spreadsheets, potentially merchant banking and credit card facilities. I’ll help you figure out what you need or what could be improved upon and assist you to get it all set up. I’ll also teach you how to deal with credit control. I’ll also help you with your end of year accounts.
    - I will help you get a merchant banker set up and sort out the set up of being able to take card payments via an app on your phone.
  • Most importantly I will be available to you via email, WhatsApp, video conferencing and phone to help with any issues that arise, to review documents, to discuss anything you need, to share good days (and bad!) and to answer any questions you have throughout the duration of the support period. I’ll help you keep on track…or get you back on track from an organisational & planning point of view. We’ll set up regular progress reviews and speak on the phone whenever you need.
Cost of package: from £650 depending on business type and duration of support needed (typically 4-12 months).  There is the option to pay this in up to 5 instalments.

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Not the right package for you?  I have a range of support packages available plus the option to build your own support package specifically to your needs. 


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