Marketing Set-Up & Management

From advice on how to market your business to full management - I offer a range of services to suit your needs.

Marketing Set Up Package

  • Detailed consultation to get to know you better and your plans in more detail, and to discuss the various  options for marketing the business.  I will guide you on what research you need to do, how to do it and where to look. We can explore what your ‘brand’ could be and make steps to work further on that. We will establish a plan for what needs to be done and when. We’ll agree some immediate tasks to be getting on with. We’ll also discuss how we’ll work together going forward – what you need from me and how you’d like me to support you.
  • I will put together a marketing strategy for your business and will help you to carry it out, review it and keep it going. This will include advising what type of marketing should be employed to reach different people via different methods.
  • I’ll teach you everything I know about social media and how to use it specifically for your business. I’ll review any existing social media profiles if you have them and set them up for you if you don’t.
  • If you decide you want to run a Social Media campaign or Google Adwords going forwards I will help you to set it up and run it in a way most appropriate for your business.
  • Design of any basic marketing collateral required including logos,  adverts, leaflets, business cards etc (does not include larger pieces of design work). 
  • I’ll review any existing website you have and suggest changes that will help improve it or help you to work out what you need for your website and help you to communicate that to a developer once you’ve found one (I am able to develop websites myself but you would be under no obligation at all to use my services for this).
  • Most importantly I will be available to you via email, WhatsApp, video conferencing and phone to help with any issues that arise, to review documents, to discuss anything you need.  We'll also schedule in regular updates.
Cost of package: from £475 depending on business type and duration of support needed (typically 3-6 months).  There is the option to pay this in instalments.

Complete Marketing Management

This monthly support package incorporates everything in the Marketing Set-up Package above plus month to month management of all your marketing needs.  Detailed below you'll find an outline of the services most commonly required by client but this package will be tailored to the needs of you and your business a quote will be provided based on those needs.

  • Undertaking of any research required including development of list of potential customers and competition.
  • Management of all social media including at least 3 posts per week and regular updates of imagery and services.  Posts will be shared into relevant groups across social media.
  • Set up and management of any social media advertising including split-testing of adverts with regular updates of progress.
  • Set up and management of any Google Adwords campaign including split-testing of adverts with regular updates of progress.
  • Provision of licenced stock photos and images as available through my subscription to the website 'Freepik'.
  • Creation of any letters or emails to send out to potential clients.
  • Creation of and sending of newsletters.
  • Research as to most suitable publications to advertise in and communication with those publications to arrange the advertising.
  • Research into 'outside the box' advertising and marketing opportunities.
  • Placing of blog items onto your website and then sharing of those onto your social media.
Cost of package: from £185 per month depending on business type and requirements.  This is based on a quarterly contract.

Other Package Options

Not the right package for you?  I have a range of support packages available plus the option to build your own support package specifically to your needs. 


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