Jessica Yates Cakes Case Study


Company name:  Jessica Yates Cakes

Client name: Jessica Yates

Location: Manchester

First contact: June 2018

Package Type: 6 months business startup package

Business Launch: October 2019

Business Summary: Cakery based in Urmston, Manchester

Design Work: Logo, Business Cards, Variety of Leaflets, Packaging Stickers, Roller Banner, Website

Company website: (designed and developed by Sandcress)

Introducing the client: When Jessica approached me she was trying to build her business around a full time job in the care industry.  She'd been baking cakes out of her Mum's kitchen for a while and wanted to expand her business enough to be able to quit her job and concentrate on baking full time.

The journey: I especially love working with young people and Jessica was no exception.  Passionate, incredibly hard working and very entrepreneural.  Having discussed all the options Jessica decided she really wanted to go for it to open her own shop.  She would need finance to be able to do it, so it was even more critical than usual to be thorough with the profit and loss forecast.  With that done, and with everything looking very optimistic I then got the business plan completed and ready for Jessica to start finance applications.  Whilst I was doing that she was thoroughly researching all the different elements that would be needed to set the business up - eg property etc.  With everything prepared I ensured she was thoroughly prepared for the process and the conversations she needed to have to achieve the loan.  Jessica was immediately approved for the finance and we were able to move forward.  I created her logo for her and commenced her website while she was busy securing a property and ordering the shop fit out and kitchen equipment.  We also started approaching local cafes and restaurants to build relationships with them.  With the website ready to go I got her marketing strategy sorted out - which included an opening day launch.  

Design work: We designed Jessica's Logo for her, Business Cards, Roller Banner, Leaflets and designed and developed her website.  

The launch: By the time that Jessica had her launch day in October 2019 she already had numerous orders to supply local cafes and restaurants.  Her launch day was an absolutely huge success.  The shop was packed out the door and she sold out of cakes twice over.  Since then things have gone from strength to strength and the shop continues to be busy and more cafes and restaurants have been requesting supply of her cakes.

Client Feedback

"Highly recommend! I came to Sandcress 12 months ago with a plan to open my own cake shop, I had no premises, just a dream. 12 months down the line I now run a successful cake shop and have my own website! I couldn’t have done it with out the help and advice from Sandcress small business support. I would recommend this service not only to my friends but to every entrepreneur wanting to start up their own business. Not only do Sandcress help you start but they continue to help advising you on how to keep your business running successfully! Choosing Sandcress was the Best decision I ever made."  Jessica Yates, Owner, Jessica Yates Cakes

A message from Jessica after her launch...."Hi, just a few pictures from the day, I can’t even explain to you how many people turned up, I was in so much shock, the cake counter and cake stand kept emptying we even ended up making more, there’s so many things I wish I was more prepared for but I don’t think anything would have prepared me for it I’m my own worst critic, it was a huge success, samples were handed out all day, taken over to all the local shops, I really never expected it I’m so taken back, please take a look at my “open day” Instagram highlight there’s loads of there too, Iv not seen all of the pictures yet but thank you so much for all the advice and everything you gave me, couldn’t have done it with out you. Thanks again soo so much!"