Happy Mama Study


Company name:  Happy Mama

Client name: Kelly Tyte

Location: Bury, Cambridgeshire

First contact: March 2020

Business Launch: July 2021

Business Summary: Community Hub & Website for Pregnant Mums & those with young children

Company website: www.happy-mama.co.uk

Introducing the client: Kelly got in touch with the desire to start a business that would involve working with and supporting local families - in particular, pregnant Mums and those with babies and preschool children.  She already had a successful business - Tiny Tots - that offers dance classes to younger children.

The journey: We started by exploring all the potential avenues we could go down to create this business.  The different options of services and support that could be included.  Over a great number of weeks and huge amounts of research the concept of a community 'hub' was realised.  A place where parents could feel supported through classes, social events and groups - both virtual and physical.  Due to the complications of the pandemic, we had to put in place a strategy where the business would be able to flourish, and survive the pandemic and lockdowns in 2020 and early in 2021.  There have been delays and set-backs but Kelly has persevered on regardless - to great success.  

The launch: With the Covid restrictions now lifting, Kelly has been able to push on with her business and finally officially 'launched' in July 2021.  Her new website (which she's done a fantastic job of building herself) is currently in prelaunch stage and should be fully launched by the end of October with a raft of exciting new services and classes that have been planned for.  There are lots of new, exciting plans that are still to be publicly announced, so sadly you'll have to wait to hear about those!  No spoilers!  Please feel free to check back though to see how Kelly has been getting on!

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