Cambridgeshire Canine Creche Case Study


Company name:  Cambridgeshire Canine Creche

Client name: Nikki Hopkin

Location: March

First contact: May 2018

Package Type: 6 month business relaunch to grow business, followed by monthly retained marketing support and overall business development strategy.

Business Summary: Dog day creche caring for 20-40 dogs on a daily basis.

Company website: (designed by Sandcress)

Introducing the client: Nikki launched the Cambridgeshire Canine Creche a year before she got in touch with me.  She had had a good first year but had lots of ideas on expanding the business and was so bogged down in the day to day running of the business that not only did she have no clue where to find the time to start the expansion plans she also had no time for herself.  Nikki originally took my 'business relaunch 6 month package' to grow business, but since then has retained me as her business/marketing consultant on a monthly basis.

The journey: The first meeting was spent reviewing everything that had happened so far.  To review all marketing efforts and then to discuss all the different ideas for how she wanted to expand her business going forward.  I started by thoroughly researching all the different ideas and put together profit and loss forecasts to see which of them were viable.  I then put together a business plan with a built in timescale for rolling out the ideas which included a new website that would enable customers to pay online for sessions, restructuring the creche fees, developing an academy for Nikki to deliver dog training (her real passion), offering dog grooming, expanding the shop and increasing the size of the creche building to accommodate all of that.  We started by restructuring the creche fees and then recruiting more staff to free up Nikki's time.  Next up was developing the Cambridgeshire Canine Academy as a sister company to the creche.    After the initial 6 months Nikki retained me to manage all her marketing efforts on her behalf as well as continue to support her within the business. This created a new business development strategy for Cambridgeshire Canine Creche.

The result (11/11/2019): I have been supporting Nikki for quite a while now and it's been lovely to be a part of all the positive changes that have happened.  There's still lots more in the pipeline that I'm very much looking forward to helping her make happen.

Design Work: Business cards, leaflets, banners, adverts, newsletters and website.

Follow Up (01/10/2021):  Unfortunately, the Covid pandemic forced Nikki to close the creche, however she also had a change of priorities.  She  had a beautiful baby girl in the middle of 2020.  Since then she decided to focus the business entirely on dog training.