I’m a small business…do I REALLY need a business plan?

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I get it – you’re a small business. Business plans are for big companies aren’t they? Actually no – business plans are for ALL companies.

Running a small business can feel incredibly overwhelming at times can’t it! If you’re a small business owner then chances are that it’s all on you….even if you have a few employees, you no doubt feel the weight of the responsibility of the company rests entirely on your shoulders! There’s so MUCH to do that it seems impossible to focus on any one particular thing…and then you can feel that you’re getting no-where fast. It’s even harder if you have a family, another job or other commitments as well. Sound familiar?

The answer?…yup…your business plan…

It doesn’t have to be war and peace! A complete plan could fit on a single A4 page if you have a hobby business. Simply put, this critical document defines who you are….where you want to get to, what you need to do to get there….any obstacles you foresee might get in your way – and how you can overcome them. It also includes your financial planning and profit and loss forecasts. Maybe you think you know all this information? Putting it on paper though can really get you thinking it through in a way that you simply can’t without going through this process.

Having done this sort of planning – you will no longer need to worry about the big picture so much – you just need to worry about what you’d planned to do this week….today even…

You’ll get a huge sense of achievement in knowing you’ve completed the tasks you’ve set yourself and that the progress you’re aiming for is well in hand. Sure they’ll be set backs…but if you review your planning document at least once a month…and ensure you plan each months tasks in advance you’ll be prepared AND still moving forwards.

If you’d like a free business plan template, whizz across an email and I’ll happily send you one! I can also provide you with lots more information about how to produce your business plan.

And if you feel that reading the above resonates, or you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed or rudderless….I’m offering 2 free consults every week until the end of May to small business owners to help them by talking through their business – where they’ve got to and any issues they’ve been having. These consults are usually £150 so spaces are limited. Email me to request one of these slots.

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